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Sell Your Home in Four Easy Steps: Step 4

All your preparation and marketing is finally paying off! You’ve got an offer on the table, and you’re in the back-and-forth of negotiations. This is the FUN part! Keep the negotiations humming along and the rest of the process on track with these three tips.

  1. Be transparent. It doesn’t help you, your buyer, or your realtor to hide or omit relevant info about your home’s condition. Disclose everything you know upfront to avoid hiccups and headaches.

  2. Be clear. Your realtor is your advocate in the process, so let him or her know what you’re thinking and feeling. Don’t sit on your questions — go ahead and ask! It’ll prevent regret and frustration later down the road.

  3. Be confident. Your realtor has done the research, and you have the appraisal to back it up. While you may need to negotiate a little, be confident in your listing price and don’t give up too much too soon.

When you get an offer, sit back, relax, and let your realtor negotiate a deal that will have you hugging, high-fiving, and hip-hip-hooraying.

Ready to sell? Give me a call — I’d love to help!

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