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Sell Your Home in Four Easy Steps: Step 3

Once you’ve shared your home with the world, it’s time to face those showings like a boss. Here’s the thing. If you’ve cleaned, decluttered, and cleaned again, you’re well on your way to wowing buyers the second they step inside your home. When the showings come (and they totally will!), stay calm, cool, and collected with these six tips:

  • Have a plan. In a perfect world, you’d have at least a full day’s notice to get ready. The reality is, you may only have minutes. Before your first showing, make a list of tasks in order of importance. Don’t be afraid to throw laundry, toys, or small appliances in the car to keep them out of sight. Short on time? Swish the toilets, run the vacuum, and take out the trash.

  • Give buyers space. Buyers need to picture themselves living in your home. That’s kinda hard to do when you’re lingering nearby. Give them plenty of time and space.

  • Think neutral. Get any room ready with a few neutral pillows, baskets for easy stowing, and slip-covers to cover outdated furniture.

  • Clear the counters. Clear kitchen counters, store small appliances, and swap out family photos with decorative prints.

  • Don’t forget Fido. While you love your furry family member, sadly, not every buyer will. Make sure your dog or cat has a place to go that’s out of sight — and sound — during showings.

  • Take out the trash (yes, literally). Before a showing, make sure garbage is in its right place — far away from buyers’ sensitive noses.

If you’re ready to show your home to buyers, give me a call today. I’d love to help you sell with minimal stress and maximum profit.

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