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Renovating Your Home- FAQs

If you're considering renovating your home or looking at renovating a home you want to buy, there are a few things to think about before getting started.

1. How do you choose a contractor?

Ideally, you want to build a relationship with your contractor based on trust, similar to the one you have with your real estate agent. Your contractor should be a good listener and communicator, and you want them to understand your vision for your home. Do your research by checking out contractors' reputations, talking to other clients, and looking at their previous work before making your selection.

2. How much will your project cost?

The answer depends on the scope of your project, but to get the best estimate from your contractor, take time to write down each detail of your plan so that the contractor can include everything in their estimate. Renovations are notorious for taking longer and costing more than initially planned, but this is often because the homeowner makes additions or changes along the way, or they don't realize that moving a wall may require rerouting electricity and outlets. Everything must be looked at piece by piece.

3. How long will renovations take to finish?

This depends on the amount of work being done and how many changes are made along the way. The more pre-planning you do, the better estimate your contractor can give you.

4. How do you prioritize projects?

If you're living in your home during renovations, you may want to plan out the project in phases so that you can live out of some rooms while others are being worked in. You may also need to phase projects based on cost and availability of funds.

5. Where do you start?

You begin by doing a lot of research. Start a lookbook for your home, either in a notebook or online, collecting pictures of the look and finishes you want. Talk to different contractors, and visit kitchen, bathroom, appliance, and flooring showrooms to get ideas on selections and pricing.

6. Do you need permits?

Your contractor will know what projects require permits. Make sure you abide by permitting regulations, as failing to secure proper permits can cause problems if further work is needed.

7. How much will renovations increase your home value?

Every homeowner hopes that making improvements will increase their home's value, and this is usually the case. However, sometimes what homeowners view as an improvement can turn out to be a liability to future buyers. For example, don't put so much money into the house that it becomes more expensive than the rest of the neighborhood. Also, be careful not to add personal style preferences that can't be easily changed, such as ornamental fixtures, radical architecture, or unusual landscape features.

8. How should you pay for renovations?

If you have the cash to pay for your renovations, that's a good option. Otherwise, you might consider a home equity loan with a manageable monthly payment or a revolving line of credit that you can use for renovations as well as emergencies that may arise later.

Hey Inland Empire, I’m Candice Newman! I’ve had the incredible fortune of being born and raised in this amazing community, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I currently live in Alta Loma with my husband, Jonathan, our son, Trevor, and our dog, Ruger! I’m a real estate agent with a passion for finding new places to explore in the Foothill Communities. When I'm not selling homes, you can find me cheering my son on at his baseball games, exercising, spending time in our local mountains, heading to the lake, cooking, or watching the Dodgers slay the Giants (I was born and raised an Angels fan, but the Dodgers have taken over the household!). I'll never have enough Mexican food and Italian food in my life. I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon! See you around town! | (909) 367-3280 DRE: 01924842

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