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6 Things to do Before Moving into Your New Home

After closing on your new home comes the excitement of planning where to put all your belongings. Which room is right for your comfy recliner? Which will be best to feature your favorite piece of artwork? Before you start unpacking your belongings, there are several tasks you should consider completing before moving day. These jobs are easier to complete in an empty home but also will make your new house much homier when you move in.

Change the locks As soon as you come into possession of the keys to your new home, changing the locks of all the exterior doors should be your number one priority, as you don’t know who has a copy of the current key. You can either buy and install locks on your own or you can hire a locksmith to switch them out for you. Additionally, make sure to update any passwords or security codes for devices like security systems and garage doors.

Check the smoke alarms A good safety measure is to locate your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replace their batteries with new ones, and test the devices to make sure they work properly. This will give you peace of mind that these important safety devices are working and ready to help protect your household.

Clean the house Some homeowners will clean the home for you before they move out, but you shouldn’t expect this. An empty house makes cleaning easier, especially for chores like shampooing carpets, washing the walls, and cleaning out cupboards, closets, and the fridge. Plus, cleaning the home on your own ensures that your new place is spic and span.

Paint the walls and ceiling Before you move in furniture or hang decor on your walls, you may want to change the paint color in a few rooms or even the entire house. An empty house is far easier to paint, considering you don’t have to move anything or cover as many items with paint tarps. Taking care of painting before you move also allows you to fix cracks or holes in the walls or ceiling. Having a hard time picking a color for each room? Consider using a neutral color like white or beige for the entire house. Additionally, if your home has popcorn ceilings or walls, which is a common feature in older homes, this is a great time to have it removed. While it is relatively simple to take care of, it can be very messy.

Replace air filters Replacing the air filters for the HVAC system of your home helps remove any dirt, pet hair, and dander left by the previous owner. Write the date you changed the air filter on the new filter so you know how long it’s been between changes. You may want to take it a step further and hire a professional to clean and perform maintenance on the heating and cooling system of your home.

Add new flooring Have flooring replaced before moving in any furniture. Replacing floors can cause a lot of dust and debris, so doing it with an empty house will prevent your belongings from becoming dirty. If you add new flooring, make sure to cover this renovation with mats, tarps, or rugs on moving day to help avoid any damages.

The final but perhaps most important task you must do when moving is make sure to update everyone of your new address.

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